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Dear veteran friends


This is already my sixth book about the heavy military bikes Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R 75. The topic seems to be almost inexhaustible. This time I have noted my work time for this book. It has been 2.862 hours. Many of you will ask yourself if I have nothing else to do? Yes I have but these motorcycles are my hobby and working with them still is a lot of fun for me.

I have been working a long time with the edition of this book although the fundamental articles over repair and assembly already existed for years. And why should I give such a detailed book to the hand of my competitors that contains my entire knowledge over a prefect repair and explains to them what they have always been wanting to know without investing their own work. Here is to be considered that I also lead a business.

This book has been our company’s service manual for years.

This book contains the working instructions, according to which we have been providing our exchange transmissions, engines etc. for years. To provide a constant quality work it is not only necessary to use well manufactured spare parts but also a precise processing. A qualitatively equal lasting high-quality product can only be manufactured in the long term on the basis of exactly written documents, designs and instructions for the production of spare parts and their assembly.

The scene of the friends of heavy military bikes constantly renews itself and new people join us continuously. Many of these see me, the Hommes, only as a dealer, who makes his money with their hobby. They hold themselves for the only true KS 750 and R75 enthusiasts. I criticize these people of the new scene, because they regard it as natural to receive all compiled information in the Internet and from other sources free of charge and sometimes even request them in a quite unfriendly way, if they do not appear punctually. On top of this, there are neither positive reactions nor criticisms, and no cooperation at all. Today success can be only determined at turnover figures, sold quantities and access counters on web pages.

It would be nice to get together with some veteran friends that give some fresh input to our hobby. And I don’t think of the paramilitary oriented guys, but of those that understand these heavy military bikes as what they are:

Beautiful vintage bikes that contain a high quality technology.

To restore a BMW R75 or a Zündapp KS 750 is a challenge and you should not underestimate the complexity of the technology of these heavy military bikes. I would be pleased, if I could give you a good assistance to your restoration with this book.


Set up of my service manual


1. Zündapp KS 750


2. Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R75


3. BMW R75


4. Description


5. Error diagnostics


6. Translations German, English, Italian and Polish


Unfortunately it was quite difficult to find translators for the entire text. Some helpful people tried, but gave up due to the lack of time. Particularly the descriptions of the assembly were a challenge. The technically experienced had a problem with the language and the linguistically experienced with the technology. But at least some of the important sides were translated into three other languages. Anyhow, I can only recommend you to learn German - then you can read everything. Whether you then understand everything, however, is still questionable, since the technical language differs from the colloquial one.


Table of pages in English


Abbreviations and their meaning                                                            280

Bearings and seals                                                                                271

Bike driver at the anti-tank-company 559,           page 292 - 293           292

Error diagnostics BMW R75,                               page 233 - 236         233

Error diagnostics Zündapp KS 750,                     page 221 - 226          221

Error diagnostics KS 750 and R75 (same parts), page 227 - 232           227

Indication of the most frequent problem parts,    page   18 -   19              18

Introducing page                                                                                       5
Marks the progressing step of the repair                                 
My experiences with you                                                                         11

Spare parts at our disposal today                                                             13

Subject index for German,                                   page 307 - 311          307

Translation of technical terms,                             page 279 - 283           279



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