Magnet ignition for Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R 75          H-P Hommes 

 Out of the book:  Zündapp KS750 und BMW R 75  Wehrmachtsgespanne gestern und heute  page 36/37

The Wehrmachtsgespanne were built with a magnet ignition again although former models Ks 600 and BMW R 71 were built with a battery and coil ignition. The magnet ignition gave a better reliability, because it was independent of the generator and the battery. 

There were two different products:                The  Noris ZGA2 and the Bosch FJ2 R134.

 Problems with Noris and Bosch magnetos

When the bike starts well with a cold but does not start with a warm engine because the spark is not strong enough,  then this is a sign that the coil is damaged and  has to be replaced.  

Ignition timing

Turn the engine on TDC, so that the arrow -B- shows to the left side on the advance ignition. This shows that the left cylinder is in the expansion stroke. Now the contact  breaker should start to open. Then the ignition is adjusted correctly.

 For verification turn the engine half a turn further so that the contact is closed  and then put a piece of cigarette paper between the contacts. Now you turn the engine slowly to TDC. When you can take the paper off the TDC sign should be in the middle of inspection hole.

If not, you have to regulate the ignition timing by changing the ignition gap accordingly. The ignition gap could be between 0,2 and 0,5 mm.

 Attention: The ground plate -A- may not be turned at any point.

 The ground plate -A- was adjusted by the factory. With this ground plate the highest firing voltage is adjusted (position between armature and magnet).

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