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No. 24

Crankshaft renew


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In the case of damage of the needle-stored connection rods feet and the crankshafts stroke taps no possibility exists to repair the crankshaft. 

Over loop  the crankshaft stroke tap and using thicker needles is useless, because after over loops of the crankshaft stroke tap takes the necessary hardness away and the crankshaft is again destroyed in shortest time.


For sliding bearings the hardness of the over looped crankshaft stroke tap is fully sufficient.



Consider the following: 

The orig. crankshaft should have a minimum diameter of 40.6 mm at the stroke taps.  The more largely the diameter is the better. 

The orig. measure of the stroke taps was 41.98 mm. 

Examine the thread at both crankshaft ends.  Is it tossed by impacts? 

Particularly examine the conen for the generator and for the flywheel. 


Most people are the opinion that the pressure makes the oil pump. This is not the case (also not by a car engine).  This pressure is the supply pressure of the oil pump and only indicates that oil is pumped to the bearings.  High pressure from more than 100 bar is produced by the rotating motion.


More than 650 Zuendapp KS 750 and already over 80 Zuendapp KS 600 drive succesfully with our conversion kit. 


We offer the complete conversion kit consisting of: 

1 piece - micro paper filters with suction bell and adapter

2 pieces of connection rods with sliding bearings of 41,98 to 40.5 mm (according to choice)

2 pieces pistons 75.0 - of 75.5 or 76.0 mm (according to choice)


order No. 4630   


When ordering the finished stroke tap indicate the measurements
41,98/ 41.73/41.48/41.23/40.98/40.79/40.54 mm

Cylinder measure for pistons is alternatively:  75,06/75.56/76.06 mm (inclusive play of piston)


We offer additionally a strengthened oil pump with light alloy gear wheel. 


Order No. 4626     




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