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 disassembly of an engine



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BMW R75 - disassembly of the engine and the transmission



1.     Loosen and remove the battery strap. Then, first remove the mass cable and only then unscrew the positive cable. Remove the battery.


2.           Close fuel tap and disconnect the fuel hoses from the carburetors.


3.           Remove the cables from the magneto and the generator. Remove the plug from the fuse box.


4.     Loosen the upper screw connection at the two connecting struts to the sidecar. But unscrew the nut only as far as it is about 2 mm above the threaded end. Now knock on the nut with a hammer and push out the pin. when the nut rests tight on ....., unscrew it and get the bolt out with a very soft metal pin.


5.          Remove the connecting bolts of the hand shift rods on the hand gear and tie them up. Remove shift rod of the lock at the lock lever.


6.           Suspension of the sidecar front, remove leather straps and unscrew the screw with the knob so far that the claws can be pulled over the ball of the engine bolt.


7.           Den Seitenwagen vorne nach rechts aus dem Motorbolzen ziehen und absetzen. Pull the front sidecar to right out of the engine bolt and settle.


8.           Unscrew the brake pipe below the master cylinder.


9.           Remove the clutch cable and remove the carburetor intake manifolds. Remove the carburetor and tie up to the frame.


10.         Remove screws at lower engine cover and remove the cover.


11.         If existent remove bracket and knee guards


12.        Loosen the lock nuts on the exhaust pipe with a hook spanner and remove the exhaust.


13.        We put a lifting jack under the engine and lift the engine to the extent that the engine hangs in the frame without straining the engine bolts.


14.        Loosen the gear support tubes on the transmission gear and move them upwards.


15.        To pull out the rear engine bolts, we take off the two footrests and push the bolt from the sidecar side to the left side and then pull it out.
Look for the two shims between the frame and engine.


16.      Pull the front engine bolt to the right. Disconnect the strut tubes of the frame joist and release the front to the bottom.
Leave the bushing at the left bottom in the strut.


17.        Lift the complete front fork with wheel and raise. To do this use a box or container.


18.      First pull the engine / transmission unit to the front to be able to pull cardan shaft out of the cardan joint. Then lift and remove to all to the left.




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