Technical Information Pages for the Restoration of the BMW R75 and Zündapp KS 750.


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Peter`s Werkstatthandbuch               order no. 3000


examples pages:    84,   85,   86   and  87.  example pages

as well as introduction pages   page  6:   German - English and  pagina - strony 7:   Italiano - Polski


Since 2001 I work at a workshop manual which records in detail and describes accurately  many processes for the restoration of the BMW R75 and Zündapp KS 750. Partly, the book is translated into English, Italian and Polish. We have used a pre-example in our shop work for some time. With the variety of work a thorough review of the practice is necessary and takes time.



A first limited edition is available.

Peter´s Werkstatthandbuch


Limited 1st. edition

Large size
1,5 DIN A4 wide and 1,0 DIN A 4 high
(320 mm x 300 mm).
330 pages. B/w and colour

More than 1.000 photos.

Parts of the book have been translated into English, Italiano, Polish.


Price  165,00 Euro + shipping


Focus on content:

- Repair and assembly of all units such as:
    Engine, transmission, rear-drive,side car drive, carburetor, magnetio and generator.
- Repair of the housing parts.
- Repair of the frames.
- Repair of the front forks.
- Repair of the sidecar.
- Assembly and disassembly of the engine and transmission.
- Electricity with wiring diagram.
- Bearing lists and seal lists.
- Troubleshooting and correction of defects.


Everything important is described in detail, so that everyone can assemble his engine, transmission, etc. with the help of this workshop.


Example: Repair

Each hole, opening and locking screw etc. is marked by numbers and listed in the list below.
With all datas ​​noted as: length, diameter, thread type, protruding of the studs, how to mount or how to secure, tightening torques, etc.



Example: Assembly

Detailed description of all work steps with photos and drawings. Photographic presentation of all necessary spare parts and their identification as well as their determination by referring to article numbers.



example pages look here:   page  00684,  8586, 87,  and pagina - strony 7:   Italiano - Polski  as well. as introduction pages.


Price is 165,00 Euro + shipping



More Information - ENGLISH                        Italiano                    Polski     




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We offer:

spare parts + accessories + repair for engine, transmission, etc. of the
Zündapp KS 750 and 600

We offer:

spare parts + accessories + repair for the

BMW R75 and Zündapp


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