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Fuel Tank


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The fuel tank or in short just tank


Nowadays most tanks are no longer in the best condition.
Years without gasoline, instead exposed to water and humidity, especially the inside of the tanks has suffered a lot.
During the years of use on the bike fine vibration cracks occured due to incorrect mounting.


You find such fine leaks especially there where attachments or supports are welded to the tank.
Very often these cracks are so fine that they are not visible to the eye.


To me it already happened twice that a tank leak showed after a few hundred km mileage.
Once at my BMW at the top where the tank air filter cover is mounted and another time at a KS 750 on the rear suspension.


This means every time that the tank has to be removed, emptied, partially sandblasted, soldered and repainted again.

I have learned from this that it is better to check the tank completely and immediately during the restoration.


Today I let each tank sandblast from the inside and outside.
Then I give the tank to my cooler manufacturer. He has the ability to check my tank under pressure and thereby determine even small leaks.
If necessary, he performs the corresponding soldering.
I receive from him a clean tank back inside and outside.


To prevent corrosion and to protect the corroded interior walls of the tank, I treat the tank inside with a tank paint.
This is a special viscous two-component lacquer.

The fuel tap has to be unscrewed and the outlet has to be closed with a plug.
Then pour the mixed two component lacquer into the tank and turn the tank into different positions, so that the paint reaches the entire surface inside the tank.


Wait for about half an hour and then let the remaining paint drain off.
The tank paint has a processing time of 8-10 hours.


After 4-5 hours, pour the paint back into the tank and apply a second coat.


The tank can only be refilled with gasoline after a full curing time of 10 days.



Since a good paint cannot be found at every corner, we have taken the tank paint in our program.


You could order it in an agreed quantity for a tank with us.



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