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Main Head Lamp


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The Main Head Lamp

160 SDT acc. to DIN 72608


Manufacturer: NORIS Zünd-Licht-AG


The main head lamps for Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R75 are the same.
NORIS worked together with the company Hella, so that we can find the lettering HELLA or NORIS on the glass and the lamp ring.
The main head lamp consists of the lamp housing, the head lamp with lamp ring, glass and reflector, the light switch, the switch inside the lamp housing, the speedometer and depending on the year of construction and the model also a camouflage cover for the head lamp.





The Lamp Housing

It is made of sheet metal and is fixed with two screws left and right located on the lamp holders of the front fork.

From the inside reinforcing sheets are placed in the lamp housing.

ON each of these sheets there is a wire holder.


A bracket is spot welded for the switch at the bottom of the housing and the bracket on the top for the power supply of the main light.




  Photo left:

Note: The parking light is located in the upper part and not as today in the lower part of the reflector.

The Light Switch

The light switch is made of black hard plastic.


At Zündapp Ks 750 it was deliverd in black and not in the colour of the bike.


At BMW R75 it was first inserted in the lamp housing. Only afterwards the lamp housing with the mounted light switch were painted in the colour of the bike.


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