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BW 43 -

Front Fender Version 1/1


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The sidecar fender of the 286/1



BMW always called the sidecar of the BMW R75 the 286/1.


In the course of standardization, this sidecar was also mounted on the Zündapp KS 750.  From 1943, Zündapp called this sidecar the BW 43. This name stands in the tradition of the BW 38, and of the one already used on Zündapp the BW 40.

Therefore, BW 43 is a pure Zündapp expression for the BMW 286/1 sidecar.


It is also correct that BMW never had the BW 43 sidecar, but always called it the 286/1.

But the BW 43 is much easier to pronounce than 286/1.

Over the years the name BW 43 became customary for the BMW R75 sidecar, because there was no difference apart from the company logo.


The fenders for the sidecar BW 43 existed in two completely different profiles.

We refer to these fenders as the 1st and the 2nd versions.


The 1st version is wider and was first succeeded by the narrower and higher 2nd version in 1943.

The reason for the modification in profile and the width of the fender was to create more space between the wheel and the fender. On one hand for the anti-skid chain and on the other hand – and this was important – to avoid slush and mud that could set between the wheel and the fender, which led to the blocking of the wheels. This occurrence also applies to all three wheels.



photo above:
Original drawing 286/1 fender (BW 43) version 1/1

1/01.Version Fender BW 43 (from start of production)


The 1/01 version only differed from the 1/02 version by a different shaped inner panel. On the inner panel of the 1/01, the panel was trough-shaped to have more space to position the grease gun when greasing the sidecar bearing.


On the 1/02 and the following variants, the inner panel is straight without the trough for the grease gun.


The inner panel is fixed in the fender with 32 welding spots.


The fender itself is made of material ST II 23 with a thickness of 1.0 mm.


The upper reinforcement of flat steel is fixed with steel rivets 8x16 DIN 660.



The reinforcement plates for the front and the rear struts are also 1.0 mm thick and fixed to the fender by welding spots.


On the 1/01 sidecar fender, the greasing information is always indicated on a zinc metal plate.









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