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I cannot kick down the kick starter lever!

Only when I change to the 2nd gear  and move the bike slightly backwards and forward, then I can kick the lever down.


???? What is wrong  ???


There is no error. It is just like that and construction-conditioned.
Some call it the Zündapp disease when starting.
It is absolutely harmless when you know how to deal with it.


But it does not have to happen every time when kicking down that the lever hangs every time.

With an experienced KS driver that happens only once at the startup.

Because the experienced rider does avoids the kickstart lever to bounce up.
He holds it in the down position and then lets the kickstart lever come up only 3/4.
As a result, the gears remain engaged and do not have to get together again with every kick.


The violent kick on the hanging kick starter does not help at all.
It even harms.
Because this can damage the first tooth tip which already has bevelled shape and getting engaged is getting worse.fädelt sich dann immer schlechter ein.


So please accept this little disease of construction!

If you think that you cannot live with that exchange your Zündapp against a bike with electro starter.



Position A shows that both tooth points meet exactly.
Kicking down the kick starter lever is not possible.

After the 2nd gear is engaged and the bike is pushed back and forth, the small gear wheel has turned into a better position. Now it is no problem to kick, since the gear wheels can easily engage.


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