Technical Information Sheet for the Restoration of the BMW R75 and Zündapp KS 750.


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Driving without sidecar



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Normally, driving without a sidecar was not intended.


If you drive long distances only with the rear-wheel drive, the satellite gears can be damaged.

However there is a statement from Zündapp concerning the KS 750, which modifications should be made so that a long-lasting solo driving is possible.

Basically it says:

The satellite and sun gears must be removed and the shaft gear of the rear wheel drive has to be replaced by a steel plate with gear teeth. This plate is placed over the four axles of the satellite gears. It has the same thickness as the sun gear and is located in the place of the planetary gears. The shaft gear is normally inserted and locked with a circlip in the same way.

To the sidecar the rear wheel drive is closed with a lid that is inserted in the rear wheel drive and tightened with the large nut.



Until today I have never seen an original photo, where you can clearly see a solo bike in operation from the period up to 1945.

The ice cream van on the left photo does clearly not belong to the kitchen area of the Wehrmacht.

With this Zündapp KS 750 and two others as well as two BMW R75 conversions M. Ortiz started his ice cream parlor in France after the war and developed it into one of the largest ice-cream manufacturers (MIKO) in Europe.

His son still owns one of the Zündapp KS 750 today.
The BMW R75 conversions were not so successful, however. Construction-conditioned the engine did not get enough cooling and often piston squeezing were the result.



Alle diese Motorräder hatten den Umbau des Hinterradantriebs wie von Zündapp vorgeschrieben.




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