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Leather Storage Boxes




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The Leather Storage Box.

The Leather Storage Box (our order no.: 3014-1)


This storage box has already been mounted on the Zündapp KS 600 and BMW R 12.

But leather storage boxes were not waterproof and needed a lot of care and an additional coating to protect them from dirt and water.


They were made from split leather. Outside the leather was dyed black or grey black.


The most significant difference between Wehrmachts leather storage boxes and German Bundeswehr (after the war) storage boxes are the handles.


As for the Wehrmachts - storage - boxes two cross pieces are sewn or riveted. (See photo on the right hand side).


The German Bundeswehr handle is made of a stamped piece of leather without cross-pieces.


In the inside of the storage box a stamp was applied which noted the manufacturer and the production year.










There was a canvas hood as weather protection.


On the photo to the right such a protection canvas hood can be seen. It is pulled over a leather storage box of an early BMW R75.




The leather storage boxes were only mounted in the first production year.
Then they were replaced by the sheet metal storage boxes.




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