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Sheet Metal Storage Boxes




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The Sheet Metal Storage Box.  (our order no.: 3014)


The attempts to replace the leather storage box by an imitation leather storage box did not lead to the desired results. So the final decision was to produce the storage boxes from sheet metal.


The sheet metal box were availablae from various manufacturers and in slightly varying versions. The different versions mostly result from the fact that the manufacturers used different production steps partly due to the existing machines in the factories.


Photo left

This storage box is a late version.

recognizable by the handle made of only one sheet metal strip.






The handle as hollow sheet metal handle was riveted on most storage boxes.

There are alos versions were it was spot-welded.

Internal Lining of the Storage Box.

(our order no.: 3014-2)

A water-repellent cardboard liner, a so called iron card- board was put in the sheet metal storage box  to avoid damages.

Inside he storage box a label or a stamp was applied which noted the manufacturer and the year of production. 

Later on only the coded initiales of the company were applied.







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