Technical Information Pahes for the Restoration of the Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R75


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Upon delivery of the bike the following documents were attached.

Example : Zündapp KS 750 (it was the same for BMW R75)

The technical manual

Spare parts list

The booklet

Inspection I and II



Here we show some of the documents made for the Zündapp KS 750.



1. Iron and steel material weight.

Was required only in the private sector when for example a crankshaft was purchased. Then on top of the purchase price the salvage (scrap), according to this list 6.9 kg, had to be delivered.

2. Technical manual in German

3.technical manual in Finish
In 1944 the Finish Army received KS 750's.

4. Price list for spare parts
A crankshaft costs 61.-RM
equal approx. 400 Euro today.


5. Spare parts list

6. Hand and foot heating
Mounting instructions for retro-fitting to the KS 750 and BMW R75.





These two cardboard sheets were for the first and second inspection and had to be completed as a warranty card from the garage.

The bike should always be driven first in order to identify defects while driving.
Then the oil changes were made with the engine still warm, as the warm oil flowed better.

In the first inspection after 500-1000 KM all oils were changed.


In the second inspection after 2500-3000 KM only the engine oil was changed. The other oil levels were only checked.
However, during this second inspection the oil pan was also removed to clean the filter hose.
The carburetor throttle was removed too, which so far prevented a drive at full throttle.

Each of the inspections cost 12 Reich-marks. Which corresponds to a value of about 80 euros today.

Consequently according to the manufacturer's data the bike had to be driven gently until a mileage of 2,500 KM.

How long did you treat your newly rebuilt engine gently?


The vehicle was described in the booklet.

All equipment was recorded in theis booklet.

Which tools belonged in detail to the bike.

How many anti-skid chains

The number of locks.

The manual and spare parts list were mentioned, etc.

At the end of the booklet was the:

Take over proof.  
Day of take over, Name of the person who handed the bike and name of the person who received it.

Proof of oil change
mileage, engine, transmission, differential, change of oil filter.

Inspection records
Day, signature with rank.
The bike was tested by a captain or lieutenant on proper operational readiness





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