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Oil level and oil pressure control
battery charge indicator




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  Oil pressur?    Does the oil pump work?     Is enough oil in the engine?

Especially when using connection rods with slipper bearings an adequate supply of oil is important.Therefore we have developed a small control panel which indicates the most important information with two indicator lights.
A lamp for oil pressure and a lamp as a battery charge control light for the alternator.

Oil pressur
The oil pressure must be evaluated differently as in a car.
The car engine has a closed pressure system and therefore shows mostly 5 bars.
A Zündapp engine has an open lubrication system.
The oil pressure rises to a maximum of approximately 0.9 bars.

Explanation for the technically educated friends of gardening:
When I hold my thumb on a water hose and let flow out only a small amount of water, this results in a higher water pressure within the hose but a lesser amount of water coming out. Now I take the thumb off the hose end, then the water pressure within the hose decreases, but the amount of water coming out increases enormously.
It's the same with our open system.
Large oil production to all lubrication points and a good cooling by a lot of oil .

Oil warning light on, no oil pressure.
The cause may be: a fault in the system or not enough oil in the engine.


Charging indicator light of the alternator.

The indicator light is no longer on when the set value on the governer has been reached.
Please bear in mind that the value in NC batteries is higher by about 1 volt than in the lead-acid batteries.The indicator light goes out at about 800 - 1000 revolutions.
So do not panic if the light still flickers at low speed.
If it goes out at a higher speed, then the alternator works as it should be.

The control panel is relative easy to assemble:
The transmitter for the oil pressure is mounted at the right hand test bore hole of the engine.
Caution: Do not install another transmitter because there is a special thread.

n addition, the transmitter has a particularly low pressure value, since it only has to show up to 0.9 bar.
Power we get from the headlight. With a switch the control panel can be switched.
The generally understandable electrical connecting plan is right here.

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Have a look on this you tube vido clip

You tube 91. Öldruck- Ölstand Kontrolle  

              Ein-Aus Schalter  =  On- Off -  switch


                 Black = to transmitter        Blue= on D+ on governer      Red= permanent + in lamp.

It's reassuring when no lamp lights up while driving.
That gives the assurance that enough oil in the engine is
and that no major engine damage happens by any small damage (fault).
Most engines are unfortunately destroyed by a lack of oil.



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