Technical Information Pages for the Restoration of the BMW R75 and Zündapp KS 750.


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Original Detaied Photos



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On original photos you can see a lot. In order to make a real statement, one needs, however a large number of photos.


Non-Skid Chain Non-Skid Chain in Storage Box
Backrest in the sidecar seen from the trunk lid Seat cushion with bent pin
Toolbox with original tools and an enclosed protection cardboard.

Petrol cap 2nd version.

These photos are of a Zündapp KS 750 from 1944 that was deliverd to Finland and still is in its original state.





We offer:

spare parts + accessories + repair for engine, transmission, etc. of the
Zündapp KS 750 and 600

We offer:

spare parts + accessories + repair for the

BMW R75 and Zündapp


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