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Coding of the Manufacturers 


Until 1941 the German Wehrmacht was very eager to inform and wrote the address of the manufacturer directly on their products. This helped the allies to make targeted bombing thus stopping the production.

From 1941 onwards a manufacturer coding with letters was introduced. This method should avoid the enemy from immediately finding out from captured war products, which company had produced them and where.  Had the Americans previously captured a BMW, they dismantled it and could count on the German thoroughness.


In many cases the manufacturing company was mentioned. SKF from Schweinfurt, Steib from Nürnberg or Drilastic from Hanau. Other products only had the name like Hella, Bosch, Notek, Noris, Ate, Ribe etc., but it was only necessary to have a German telephone book to find the place of manufacture and the address to send a few bombers over.


Of course the coding books were secret but not that secret. Now there stood no longer BMW as manufacturer in the engine housing but the abbreviation JGZ.  But it was not really so difficult to find out JGZ was the secret codingor BMW.



 BMW-Werke                    Coding is  JGZ  
for example we find the JGZ in the engine housing of the BMW R75.



Zündapp-Werke              Coding is  EDS 

I only know this coding from the filler neck of the engine housing. You have to look very closely to see this coding.

                  This coding M/5 is the stamp of the inspector.


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