Measure the oil level at KS 750 and R 75                                                                             H-P Hommes

Out of the book      Wermachtsgespanne -  gesternund heute       Page 47

We are so familiar with some maintenance routines for vehicles that we use this knowledge for our vintage vehicles without informing ourselves carefully. From our own car we know things like adjusting the ignition timing, filling in the  oil in the transmission and measuring the oil level. Therefore our veteran friends make all the same mistakes.  

 Measuring correctly at motor and transmission .

 1.      Turn out the oil level dipstick and wipe off the oil.

2.      Insert the oil level dipstick again. Do not screw it in, put it just on. (Nur aufsetzen)

3.      Fill in as much oil as the oil level dipstick is in the middle between both marks. The upper ones too much, the lower mark means not enough.

  Attention:  Do never screw out the oil level dipstick while the motor is turning. The danger may be that the pressure in the engine block becomes so high that the gaskets become no longer oilproof. An opposed engine has both pistons either on the upper or lower dead centre.  Therefore we do not have any pressure compensation as for a 4- cylinder-engine.



Zu viel     = max. oil level


Zu wenig = min. oil level


You may only have an oil loss that come out of the vent pipe when you have an engine with new pistons. After approx. 800-1000 km this will be over. 

Attention:  You can use modern oil for your engine when you have inserted a modern micro paperfilter. Order no. 2184. 

Attention,                             Engine             fill in 40 SAE or 10-40 SAE in winter

                                            Transmission   fill in 40 SAE engine oil and no transmission oil !