Merkblätter zur Restaurierung der Zündapp KS 600.


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The Steering Head Bearing


The steering head bearing is one of the few bearings that was fit in the Zündapp and that was not a standard bearing to DIN standards. It cannot be replaced by any commercially available DIN bearing.


Here a new steering head bearing should be mounted. We have produced them for the KS Zündapp 600 order no. 4158
There are tow different ones for top and bottom.


Quite often the bearing is only given a minor role.
The old bearing is examined and it does not seem to look too bad.


Now you make the first mistake. The bearing is pulled out to examine it closer and clean it.

As the steering mechanism is mostly on straight running stabilty while driving, the ball bearings hit more or less into this position over the years.
When they are finally strongly and palpably in this position the steering head bearings have to be replaced

Is the wear and tear only slightly, I mean not palpable, then you can continue to use the steering head bearings. (But may be the previous owner has already made this mistake)

However, when I take the steering head bearings out, clean them and put them back in again, then the upper and the lower bearing shells will never be mounted in the same position as before.

The ball bearing cannot decide if it puts itself in the upper or lower position.

This makes itself felt as a strong flutter on the handlebars.


I can only recommend to always change the steering head bearings at a restoration.


The fluttering of the handlebar has nearly almost bad steering head bearings as a cause.

1. old built in bearing        2. old bearing reinstalled           3. New bearing

New steering head bearings for the top and bottom
order no. 4158




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