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Converter 6 to 12 Volt


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During our trips we always had the problem to operate or charge our GPS devices, cell phones and video cameras.So we got constructed a device that allows us to take 12 volt for these devices out of the 6 volt system on our bikes.


So far it has proven fine.


From existing 6 volt on our bikes becomes 12 volt which most small devices are operated with.


The power is sufficient to operate the devices listed above 


On the photo the device looks bigger than it is.
Size: 150 x 120 x 40 mm



The device can be suspended in the sidecar to the outside or inside.


It is connected with a quick connector to a cable, which is connected to the battery.


This way the device can easily be assembled and disassembled.


The 12 volt power connection is made by a standard vehicle input, the same as in cars.


The 6 volt power supply can be switched on or off with a toggle switch.


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