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Fusebox  NORIS




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The fuse box of the BMW R75 is available in two different versions.


One is the NORIS ZBT 205/1Z.

The special thing compared to the well known 2Z is that the grommets are completely in the lower housing.

On the NORIS ZBT 205/2Z the grommets are ½ in the top and ½ in the lower lid.


The fuse box 1Z was only installed in the first few hundred BMW R75’s.

Then came the improved fuse box 2Z.


At the time when Zündapp started the production of the KS 750 NORIS produced and delivered only the 2Z.


This means: BMW had two versions and Zündapp only one



On this NORIS ZBT 205/1Z the connection to the sidecar was bolted with a Bakelite knurled screw.


Version 2Z already used a cable connector.


The fuses were the same for both. 2 pieces 15 amperes fuses.


I have never blown a fuse of 15 amperes.

I do not understand the assembly either, as the battery has only 8 amperes.
Where do the 15 amperes come from to blow the fuse?


The Noris ZBT 205/1Z is an absolut raritye.
It was mounted in the first ca. 300 bikes only.









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