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In 1917 the Zünder- und Apparatebau Gesellschaft mbH ( Zünder = igniter and Apparatebau = machine making company)  was founded and chose shortly afterwards the name Zündapp GmbH as the company name.


The logo contains the stylised Z with a flash, which shows the function of the igniter. During the First World War the company mainly produced igniters for grenades and bombs. 

After the war when they had started a successful production of motor bikes they kept the name Zündapp with the flashing Z in the  logo.


After successful decades of bike construction the production of high quality value mopeds started in the sixties.


The trademark Zündapp was known as a producer of good bikes  all over Europe and further afield.


The bitter end and the closing of the Zündapp-factory happened in 1984.


For DM 15 millions the production plants and the rights of the name Zündapp and of the logo were sold to China. 1200 production machines were packed and delivered via Russia to the 13.000 km far away Tian Jiin.

The Chinese tried to co-operate with Enfield/Zündapp and others in Europe to build up a good market with the help of the name Zündapp. But it did not work out.


From 1996 they lost interest in the trademark Zündapp and the logo.



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