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Updated in 2011


It is frightening what I have seen on our workbench as supposedly restored technique. 

Particularly the engines, transmissions, etc. struck me. They came from only for sale restored bikes.

There must be issued a warning!

dear newcomers, look for another collector who already knows the scene and can advise you. Do not buy any replica blender trustfully. There are black sheep everywhere but only the seeing one can recognise them.


The replica blender (is an object of purchase that promises much to the outside but is overpriced).


Often the bikes make a good visual impact and the complete assembly looks well too. 

They drive, gears can be changed and then you snap at the chance because the market is short of bikes. Then some time later the problems start. 

No matter what you dismantle, the compromises you find are a joke.

Crankshaft welded with flywheel, pistons with bolted alu discs aufgeschraubten Aluscheiben to achieve the compression height, welded on teeth and instead of slide bearing shells we found bacon rind in the connecting rod. Yes and the engine did not even sound bad.

Often we can only laugh loudly at the dissambly when we see what ideas crossed some of the "restorers'" minds.

However, the owner of such a replica blender does not laugh anymore.

He often bought this crap for a lot of money and now he must invest a lot more in order to repair what he thought he had already paid for.


When you pay 12.000 Euro for the above described, then you did not buy a replica blender but paid a reasonable price!

Today this is the price for an unrestored crappy KS 750 or R75.


When the same bike, however, costs 20.000 or more, then the question is, what else did I get except an unrestored substance? 

A little bit of filler and some paint nicely put on the crap?

For 8.000 Euro?

I have to get it all off again.and after sweeping I have 8.000 Euros in a bucket. This is not very satisfactory.


It is not right t acuse only the producers of these replica blenders.

They produce what the market wants and sell at the price that the market offers.


Everyone who wants to buy should inform himself well beforehand

You have the opportunity to make yourelf smart in the internet, reading literature or by asking other collectors.

Do not just buy, then complain and only start collecting information afterwards to find out why you were so stupdid to buy the replica blender.


A tip how to find something out about the way the offered bike was restored:


For many sales restorations the cylinder heads are often only repaired.

This, then, in the true sens of the word. They are just repaired the way that they function but not more.

The valve opens and closes, the engine runs, what do you want more, when you want to buy a supposedly completely restored bike. You think the engine runs quite well, then remove the valve cover and have a ook at the rocker amrs, valves and springs.

At this point you can often see how it was restored. 

The rocker arms rattle on the axes in all directions, the valves are worn out at the heads, the valve adjusting screws are damaged and the lock nuts just grab the last threaded ring. 



What said the seller?

The engine is overhauled and the valves are new!
Yes, may be the valves are new, but did you want to understand or hear?

The valves are new, then the valve gears, rocker arms and the springs and may be even the valve seat rings are renewed.

But he did not say it that way. But being in love with that crap you wanted to hear it like that.

What you discover under the valve covers - good or bad work or material - should give you an idea of what was really done with the remaining technique on the engine or the entire bike restoration.


But perhaps the provider of your replica blender has already reacted to this article and the cylinder head also appears very well from the inside.....


At a Zündapp KS 750 check whether an original crankshaft is mounted.

More information see leaflet   Nr. 41



For more information about buying a bike see Nr. 41



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We offer:

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