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Ligthening of the Speedometer


H - P Hommes


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The standard speedometer (article 3350-1) of the Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R75 was used for both bikes from 1942 onwards.
The lettering of the speed information is printed inside the speedometer glass.


The speedometer has a light window to illuminate the speedometer display area.


Where does the light come from?


The neccessary light comes from the parking light which shines through the light window of the parking light when switched on.
The parking light of the heavy military bike was mounted in the upper part of the reflector - so quite different than our normal parking lights of today.
The bulb (A) partly protrudes behind the reflector and part of the light lightens the lamp.
The light switch has small polished Aluminium flap at the inside which forward the light beams through the light window of the speedometer into the speedometer.

This illuminates the lettering of the glass from within.

Originally there was no paring light switched on when the lights were switched on.
Today we put the circuits the way that light and parking light are burning together.


As today we do not have reflectors with a parking light in the upper part anymore I have riveted an aluminium sheet on the holder of the speedometer and provided it with an 11 mm bore hole.

In this hole you can insert a bulb holder for a 2 watt bulb.
A wire leads to the light switch and from there to the feeder clamp of the low beam- and full beam light.
 The lightening of the speedometer is sufficient enough in the dark to read the speed.



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