Merkblätter zur Restaurierung der überschweren Kräder BMW R75 und Zündapp KS 750.


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Spring Tube


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The tube spring (torsion shaft) is made from special spring steel (our order number 3106).

They were produced from spring steel for all BW 43 sidecars by the companies Brüninghaus and Hoesch.

Anyone who has a spring tube reproduction which has to be adjusted again and again because of declining spring force has only a slotted tube and not a spring tube.


Insert a new spring tube

Lift the sidecar wheel, remove brake line from brake wheel cylinder, unscrew the two 10 mm bolts on the flange bearing of the frame, pull the sidecar drive and put it aside.

Pull out the old tube spring. Release the screw connection  of the flange end. Then twist (release tension) the flange end – seen form the bike – clockwise in the slots until it stops.

Insert the new tube spring from the sidecar side. The tube spring of the BW 43 has a slot, that must point to the bottom when being inserted so that no water  can remain the spring.

Now put the sidecar drive in such a way that the delimiter is as much as possible just before the stop bolt with rubber. Insert it, bolt it together with the frame and attach the brake line.



Pre-stress the spring tube by twisting the flange end clockwise (02)in such a way that the delimiter firmly rests on the rubber.

Screw flange ends well. Put  the sidecar wheel on again .

De-aerate brake.

Make a test drive

Lift the sidecar again and try to lift the wheel. The lifting of the stop bolt with rubber should not be possible. The tube spring must remain slightly pre-stressed.

An existing play would make the tube spring rattle within the gears. Apart from a loud rattling noise it would result in the damage of the gearing in the long run.



                  Should touch                                                                                     Tensioning direction                                                                                        Correct possition by mounting



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