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colors of the Wehrmacht


Hans - Peter   HOMMES

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The Paintwork.


As a standard there were four different colors.

Two grey and two sand tones:

Reichswehrgrau RAL 7021, Luftwaffengrau RAL 7019, Afrikabeige RAL 8000 and Wehrmachtsbeige (should still be registered as RAL 7028).


The 1945 beige color was not the correct camouflage color any longer because the battles only took place in Central Europe.

It should be changed to an olive tone similar to the colors of the US vehicles. The color had already been produced but was not applied anymore.

The KVP* used this color after the war was for their vehicles.


From late 1943 there was a primer and only one final painting coat instead of two.


According to original color patterns of the RAL Institute of 1943, the necessary quantities of the paints used today were determined.

According to this composition with its matt color, the synthetic lacquer that I sell is produced in a German paint producing company.  

Because it is a very thick mixture, a container of 3 kg makes, after the addition of universal diluter, a quantity of approx. 5 kg.  An accelaretor is not necessary. Normally this quantity is enough to paint a complete Wehrmachtsgespann.  The paint is easy to work with, because it is a matt colored paint.

I can only advise not to use acrylic paint. It is too hard. It fills up the lettering and makes the edges look round.



Shade description

Name was not standardised

RAL Number (1944)


Used by

Production timeit


(is a lot darker than Schwarzgrau)

RAL 7021

All troops

Until end 1942

(yellowish like sand)


RAL 8000

Only for deliveries to the Afrika Corps

1941 until 1942/43


(pale as seasand)


RAL 7028**


Army, all troops

From late 1942


(is a lighter grey than Dunkelgrau)

RAL 7019

Only for deliveries to the Luftwaffe***

late 1942 until 45



      *  KVP was the Kasernierte Volks Polizei (paramilitary police force) of the soviet occupied zone.


    **not yet registered in the RAL register  


 *** Vehicles at airports stood under camouflaged shelters. That is why the got this shadow color.


We supply all four colors in the same quality as it was back then. shade of color and the matt look are correct.


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