Technical Information Pages for the Restoration of the heavy military bikes BMW R75 and Zündapp KS 750.


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Dear bike fellows


We are often called by people who want to purchase a heavy military bike, which has a restored engine, transmission, generator, etc. or everything supposedly restored by the company Hommes.
The bill does supposedly not exist anymore. It had indeed been years, but the bike had hardly been driven.

Now the enquiring partner would like to know from us when exactly the seller had bought the spare parts from us or when the repair work had been performed.

We cannot give this information for legal reasons.
However, We can conclude and say whether this person has ever bought something from us. if you get the information: unknown to us, then you can make your own conclusions about the trustworthiness of the seller.

We often find out that our restorations are promoted as a quality feature in the sale, and we are pleased.
It shows us that our consistently carried out complete repairs are recognized by our customers as good quality work.

But unfortunately, this is also often used by sellers who have never received an engine etc. from us.
The same also applies for the used spare parts, which are supposedly from us and therefore should suggest the fact that the bike was built with good parts only.

For years we have registered two brands for our spare parts and for the services provided with which we label our spare parts and the services performed.


Our ZÜNDAPP brand image, which is used only for Zündapp spare parts and services.


Our brand image, which we use for BMW R75 and all KS 750 / R75 identical spare parts and services.


Both brands shown here are registered trademarks that may only be used by us in Germany.

How can you see that for example an engine has been overhauled by the company Hommes?

For years, we stamp the units that we repair and provided them with the date of shipment.

If the stamp is not readable, we can still determine on the basis of specific criteria,
whether the engine was really overhauled by us.


We offer:

Spare parts + accessories + repair for engine, transmission, etc. of the
Zündapp KS 750 and 600

We offer:

spare parts + accessories + repair for the

BMW R75 and Zündapp



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