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Storage Box/ Internal Lining



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The Sheet Metal Storage Box with Internal Lining


The storage box is connected by steel rivets with the supporting frame.
For reinforcement, sheet metal straps are inserted from inside which go all way down to the bottom support.
On this storage box version, the sheet metal is welded by overlapping the middle of the back


When you look at the preceding sheet metals and rivet heads, it is understandable that an internal lining was necessary to prevent the packaged goods from damage due to the rough interior construction.


Internal Lining of the Storage Box

A water repellent grey cardboard liner was put in the sheet metal box to avoid rattling noises and damages to the storage box interior as well as the packaged



It is a two-part liner made of card board.

The big card board  A is folded twice.

It is inserted in such a way that it lines the inner front side and the two sides.



The small cardboard B is folded once.

It is inserted in such a way that the smaller part lines the bottom of the storage box and the bigger one the back side.

Cardboard liner as original:

order no. 3014-2

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