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Wiring Harness fabric-coated



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Wiring Harness fabric-coated



Originally our wiring harness was made of fabric coated wires.

Unfortunately you could not buy this for many years.

Now we have the possibilty and can produce our wiring harness the original way again.



The wiring harness for the BMW R75,            order no. 2173-1


The wiring harness for the Zündapp Ks 750,   order no. 1244-1




wiring harness   (Kabel/Kabelbaum)


The former plastic was not very UV resistant and easily got brittle. For this reason the wires were additonally cleaded with fabrics and then painted with a water-repellent varnish.
Depending on the consumer these wires were made with  a cross section of 1.0 mm² or 1.5 mm².


All wires of the electrical installation are cleaded with white, black or coloured fabrics and impregnated with water-repellent varnish.


The low voltage wires are used to connect the generator with the battery and all other appliances, such as lamps and the horn as well as to connect the short-circuit switch with the magneto.




Our bike has four different types of wires in the colours red, yellow, white and black.


1st, 2nd and 3rd are low voltage wires:


1.              With the cross section 1.0 mm² in the colours black, white and red.


2.              With the cross section 1.0 mm² as rubberised cable to the sidecar in black.

3.              With the cross section 1.5 mm² in the colours black, white and yellow.


From the fuse box to the head lamp and the rear light the wires are put together by a woven cleading of black fabrics (later a hose) to a harness.

 Only on the wire to the battery connector lugs are attached.


4. The High Voltage Wires:


High voltage wires (ignition wire) are only between the magneto and the spark plugs.

The ignition wire is black, harnessed and impregnated with water repellent varnish.




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