Merkblätter zur Restaurierung der überschweren Kräder BMW R75 und Zündapp KS 750.


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Dear friends


I have created a small program for Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R75 so that I can determine the delivery status of each bike with the chassis number.


Consequently it is easy to determine which version of bike was delivered from the factory.


In this respect I have only considered the visible changes on our bikes and not the many small technical changes.


An example for the Zündapp KS 750 with chassis number  603 333          Open here


If you like to have the characteristics for your bike, copy the form below, fill it out and send it to my email address.


 I would like to have a few details from you too, so that I can localize some of the production times that are not faultlessly detectable.




For Zündapp KS 750



For BMW R 75










Vehicle Zündapp KS 750 with chassis no. :

Engine No. :

Gearbox No.

Sidecar frame no.



Sidecar :  BW 40 or BW 43


Side car BW 40 frame no.: 









Vehicle BMW R75 with chassis no. :

Engine no.:

Sidecar frame No.:



Tank air filter:  yes  - no 


Front fork protective Rubber Boot : yes  - no


for original sidecar:  with Steib at front  - Steib at rear - W.Krad B2 welded on front-
                                 - W.Krad B2 embossed - without W.Krad B2 – I am not sure -


Since it cost me a lot of work to create these lists I am sure you understand that I will not answer incompletely filled out requests for the characteristics of your bike.



Wir bieten an:

Ersatzteile + Instandsetzungsarbeiten
für Motor, Getriebe etc. der
Zündapp KS 750 und 600

Wir bieten an:

Ersatzteile + Instandsetzungsarbeiten . für
BMW R75 und Zündapp



H-P Hommes Ersatzteil-Dienst
Ersatzteile + Instandsetzungen
repairing + restoring

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