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Oil Filter -  Zündapp KS 750




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The Oil Filter, a Cause for Engine Damages?


It has been rumoured that a leaky "Saugglocke - suction cup" would cause engine damages at the engines of the Zündapp KS 750.

I have already put the term "Saugglocke" in converted commas.

Everybody calls the cover like that, but in reality it has nothing to do with the function of sucking of the oil pump.


As you can see on the photo the suction intake of the oil pump is far below the oil level referred to as MINIMUM.

On the oil dipstick the bar indicates -zu wenig-.

This is an oil volume of 1.5 liters.


If only the oil pan was filled with oil, the oil vloume would be 1.2 liters.


So this would be already 0.3 liters below minimum.


When only the tip of the oil dipstick goes into the oil, then there are still 0.8 liters oil in the engine.


Even now the suction of the oil is guaranteed.


Kein Öl mehr am Peilstab = The dipstick end is not in oil



The blue line respresents the oil level when it is already 1/2 liter below MINIMUM.
Even then the self sucking pump will still work properly if the suction intake is below the oil level.

Even if the engine is 45° inclined the intake would be below the oil level.

However you can see clearly that the "Saugglocke" is far above the oil level.

The Saugglocke or more correct the cover does not help the oil pump to suck in the oil.
The oil pump sucks with its powerful gear pump the oil even completely without cover.
Even if the oil pump briefly sucks air, it will continue to suck the oil as long as the suction intake is below the oil level.
This is in any case when the oil level does not fall below MINIMUM.

The cover only had the task to keep the oil, which is thrown from the crankshaft towards the oil pan, away from the oil filter. 
The oil filter we use already has a built-in cover.

For years I have driven without "Saugglocke" ( and not just me) and I never had problems with the oil supply to the engine.

Show these photos to the one who wants to make you believe that a damage of the engine happened because the cover was leaky.
I am very interested to know what comes to his mind to distract you from the source of defect perhaps caused by himself.

Quite often the causes that stop the oil flow are not properly cleaned oil channels, conduit pipes or incorrectly positioned gaskets.
This leads to a damage of bearings or pistons.

It is then the easiest way to blame the leaky cover of the oil filter. 

But you did not eliminate the real problem.

The damage will certainly happen again. Even with a now tight "Sauglocke".


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