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Painting of the heavy military bikes


H-P Hommes


May 2005




The vehicles were painted in the factory and then delivered in the following colours:


Production time Shade description Used by RAL number
until end 1942 Dunkelgrau Army - air force RAL 7021
1941 and 1942 Gelbbraun only for deliveries to the Africa corps RAL 8000
from late 1942 Dunkelgelb Army should be RAL 7028
1941-1945 Luftwaffengrau Air force RAL 7019





Colour of the indivual parts:

Part in colour of the bike in thermo paint
matt black others/alternative
Light switch X - - plastics unpainted
Lever Steel lever - - light metal unpainted
Gear shifting gate R75 - - light metal unpainted
Break drum X from 1943 - -
Exhaust cover X - - -
Alternator cover - - X -
Alternator housing - - - zinc plated
Fuse box X - cover X as a spare part as spare part bottom part zinc plated
Horn X - as a spar part  X or in Bakelite
Govenor cover - - X -
Valve cover - X as sheet metal - light metal unpainted
Cylinder - X - -
Oil pan - X - -
Intake manifolds R75 X KS 750 X - -
Oil filler screw - - - Red RAL 3000 (new)
Oil dip stick - - - red blur of color
Weight label etc. - - - Red RAL 3000 (new)
Tire pressure label - - - KS + R normal in white,
KS750 after 1944 also in black
Seat cover sidecar - - - plastics grained black,to Finland also in red-brown
Canvas Cover - - - dark grey, beige, grey,

Was not provided for a small vehicle as a camouflage should be effective at 1000 m. Some vehicles - provided with camouflage on photos - were designed by the soldiers at the front as they fancied. 

Winter Camouflage:
For this purpose a white camouflage past was used. In case they did not have it the vehicle was simply whitened with whitewash. The first rain "unmasked" the vehicle back to its original color .

Repainting Work:
from 1942 - 43 many vehicles were repainted from black grey to dark yellow -Wehrmachtsbeige-. Often the rubber parts, tires and the exhaust was painted too.

The main thing was that the new color was availbale. The teactical and divisons signs were covered extensively.

This is the reason why these signs are still on a dark grey surface whereas the bike itsself is painted in beige.

By misinterpretation of photos you could think that there was a sign on the lampholder of the BMW saying Gabelöl...... It is true that there is a stamp that looks like a sign because of the masking of the grey black blackground.


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We offer:

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