Technical Information Sheet for the Restoration of the BMW R75 and Zündapp KS 750.


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Ignition Coil Noris


H - P Hommes


Juni 2005




The ignition coil is the heart of the Noris magneto. order no. 3223-1



At this year's military bike meeting in Brisighella / Italy a larger number of motorcycles showed what a badly crafted replica of an ignition coil may be causing.
The cause of nearly all failures was a faulty ignition coil. Then the defect ignition coil was replaced by a "new" one, which then gave up as well after just a few KM.
You could really only feel sorry for the drivers, who had to fight with these problems after a long journey.

How do I know that the ignition coil is not working properly?

1. The engine is stopped at operating temperature and does not start again.
2. Often, however, the engine can be started again by pushing the bike.
3. Or after a certain period of waiting, the engine can be started again.
4. It may also be that the engine suddenly dies when it is in the idle.

All this indicates that the ignition coil does not take enough power at low speed to ignite the mixture. When checking the spark, just a weak spark is visible.

Many have now been told that the failure of the ignition coils of the Noris magneto is construction-conditioned.

                                                      This is a false statement that should only apologize badly produced coils.



It does not help you to explain where the errors are in the production of coils because only very few are really able to produce their own ignition coil.

I would like to strongly object to the rumor that the ignition coil problem is a construction-conditioned problem of the Noris magneto.
A professionally produced ignition coil does not fail even in extreme heat.

Errors in setting the ignition.
Even if I have to repeat myself for the umpteenth time:

The ignition must not be adjusted by rotating the base plate.
This changes maximum ignition voltage set by the factory (or the contractor).





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